Commercial Photo & Video

Project Brief

We are experiential creatures. And it’s those experiences are what add value to our lives. What if your brand can stand out by creating valuable experiences to your market? With our commercial production service, we create not only an experience for your brand, but an image, a personality, and a feeling that is memorable and worth sharing.

Our Goal

We strive for your audience to be educated about your brand while developing a kinship to the experience of it’s image. We make obvious how your brand’s value can add to your niche market, how clients or customers can attain it for themselves, and what that experience might feel like. Our goal is to make an impact.

Design & Delivery

Our consultation and in-depth story board approach allow us to really get a feel for your vision and your brand. We begin to materialize this by focusing on images and scenarios that portray not only the idea, but the feeling of your brand, giving you and the viewer an emotionally provoking experience through photography or videography.

Photography Samples

Creating Excellent Imagery

Painting the Picture

We look to create a marketable advertising campaigns to optimize your brand’s ratios.

Story Board

Storyboard approach ranges from cinematic and emotional to informative and entertaining.


We create a range of styles optimized for ads, targeting, mobile advertisements, E-commerce, and social media.


We customize your photos & videos to target the users you’re trying to reach and how you’re trying to reach them.

Final Result & Client Satisfaction

I have been working with Marin for 2 years. Initially, Marin provided our company with yoga prop videos. I was instantly impressed with her genuine, super likable personality, both in video and communicating with me. Her videos are instructional with lots of personal touches, many of which are set outdoors in beautiful beach settings or in professional studio space. Recently, Grateful Gordons helped us with social media development, photos, shorter product videos for Facebook and the list goes on and on. I have grown to really trust Marin and her team. She never disappoints and always delivers top quality. I feel confident that my business has benefitted greatly from Marin and her team’s expertise. I couldn’t recommend them more!
Ellie Teng with Clever Yoga
Thank you so much to Marin & her amazing team who put their heart & soul into every project that they do. I would recommend them to anyone who needs video or photography for their company, as they really take the time to see what it is your business needs in regards to branding. They do their best to make sure the company’s message can be relayed to the proper audience and do an amazing job putting their time & effort into it. It’s really cool seeing the entire family involved with the project! Thank you so much! I recommend them 100%.
Mike Monte, Business Developer

Social Media & Influencer Marketing

The World Should Be Talking

Imagine your advertising being liked, shared, & commented on by the billions of users on social media everyday. As Influencers & Advertisers, we can help your business generate targeting opportunities to convert your social sites into powerful marketing tools. Social media is a great way to leverage our network and get people talking. Check out our Influencer options below or contact us for Ambassador Kits & Sponsorship pricing!

Get a Quote!


With nearly 100,000 subscribers and a 4 year track record, we have a loyal fan base that appreciates when sponsors make more videos available in our community. Send us your brand or product information and we can see which Ambassador or Sponsorship program is right for you!


Beyond our equipment and skill, our access to stunning visual landscapes & studio setups allow us the flexibility to create uniquely invoking photography & imagery for our social media posts or yours! Our Instagram is our fastest growing and highest engaged platform current.


Our Facebook pages have our most personal community available. These pages boast a humble & tight-knit following. We utilize unique & provoking ad campaigns to leverage traffic as well as cross-share against our platforms to increase our reach.

Content Should be Noteworthy

And It Should Be …


Cups of Coffee

Increase Your Reach

By incorporating influencers into your advertising, you naturally increase your reach by tapping into the networks of each of our social sites. This allows you direct access to a broader market and increased engagement.

Generating Results

Strategic marketing, coupled with quality content and meaningful engagement brings consumers a personal brand experience that generates long-term relationships and loyalty.

Brand Development

Make Friends

Marketing your brand is only one weight on the scale. Making friends is the best way to increase your reach and create long-term, lasting relationships with your customers or clients. Developing your brand’s web presence will put you far ahead of the game in developing an explicit personality and community across the globe.

Structural Analysis

Image & Personality

Give Your Business Personality

Our Effective Formula

Combining your vision with target analysis and brand development, we put together an image, feel, and personality for your brand that will shine through the content creation process. We aim for the long haul, allowing for consistent automation once your web presence has been established. We continue to improve and evolve through analyzing the effectiveness and response to your brand. Our goal is to give your customers or clients an interactive experience with your brand that they can relate & respond to. This type of connection is what creates a loyal community that is eager to spread awareness of your brand.

Target Analysis 20%
Branding & Imaging 40%
Content Creation 60%
Engagement & Consistency 80%
Analyzation & Feedback 100%

Initial Concept Planning

We understand the importance of matching your vision to your target niche. Together we map & design your brand’s image, highlighting the roots of it’s value and how consumers can implement this beneficially into their lives.

Making Magic

Whether here at Grateful Gordons, or at home on your laptop, content creation is the single most important step outside of imaging & analysis. The target is not to aim for perfection, but to aim at creating consistent value.


Your brand has it’s own persona. Learning it’s strengths, weaknesses, and personality in relation to to your audience is what allows it to improve and evolve for growth.


Strong Brands

Strong brands understand how vital having a relationship with their clients or customers are. In our highly competitive, global market authenticity is essential to stand out and create a lasting impression. But you want that impression to go further than “hello”. Create conversations, interactivity, and a community for your brand lovers. Adding value gets them to talk, share, and come back for more!

Excellent Results

What drives excellence?  Consistency and Quality. A brand who can consistently produce quality content valuable to their product and niche will have followers committed and willing to incorporate your brand into their lives. With everything available at our fingertips, people no longer have the problem of accessibility or commodity. In order for your brand to succeed, you have to be genuinely invested in your clients and their interests. Think of the Grateful Gordons as your personal ambassador greeting folks at the door and making sure everyone is comfortably situated.