Are You Living a Quality Life?

Did you know you could choose to improve your quality of living right now? It’s something all Olympian athletes focus on and just by shifting your focus, you can do it to. Focusing on being quality will breed more quality into your life. What’s this mean? You get what you give. Watch the video above for a few examples of how to apply quality in your life right now. Then feel free to take this quiz to see what areas you may need some improvement in.

Read each question and answer Yes or No. Check the end of quiz for your results.

  1. I do proactive things to improve my health and wellbeing, such as exercising regularly and being aware of my nutrition.
  2. The People or Events I spend the most time with/doing are uplifting and make me feel good.
  3. I spend time doing something for myself or something I enjoy regularly.
  4. I remember my commitments and follow through with them, even if they’re simple and unimportant.
  5. I keep promises I make to myself, such as going to the gym when I said I would, or getting the laundry done by the weekend.
  6. I choose to spend and keep my money consciously, giving thought to all my purchases and setting aside a portion for charity and savings.
  7. It’s important to listen authentically to others and take their thoughts into consideration. I am intrigued by their experiences and knowledge despite where I may stand perspectively.
  8. I do what I feel is right no matter who is or isn’t watching.
  9. I maintain goals and yet, feel grateful for what I have or accomplished in my current situation.
  10. It’s important for me to feel like I am contributing to something greater or outside myself.

If you’ve answered “No” to any of the questions these are the areas you may want to focus on improving.

  1. Health & Wellness
  2. Environment
  3. Self
  4. Integrity
  5. Integrity with Self
  6. Finances
  7. Relationships
  8. Values
  9. Perspective
  10. Spirituality or Community


Let us know in the comments below if you feel and areas are missing!

How to Let Others Help

Help isn’t always an easy thing to accept or employ, especially when the task at hand is very important or there’s a lot going on. However, help might be just the thing you need to take your life or business to the next level.

In the video above I discuss a few reasons why allowing help is extremely beneficial and how you can start exercising the ability to employ good help without a high risk.

Here are some areas we utilize help in order to free up our time and energy for more important things that require our personal attention:


Business Help

When you own your own business or are an entrepreneur, the most difficult part is finding a way to organize yourself and all the roles you have to take on. Many people are intimidated by the idea of starting their own business because there is so much to think about. The truth is, the most successful business owners understand the value of employing help. Especially in areas they’re not so savvy in.

These are the help roles we personally use in our business:

  1. Personal Assistant – To have someone accomplish simple, yet time consuming tasks such as organizing files, typing up details of projects, cleaning out the product closet, shopping for props, sending out marketing emails, organizing your desk, responding to client inquiries, etc. is invaluable and saves so much time! It’s also easy to start someone at just a couple hours a week and at a decent rate.
  2. Manager – I view this person as a higher level personal assistant. This individual can accomplish and understand the tasks of the personal assistant as well as a large chunk of what you’re doing and what you’re business is about. Our managers are our right-hand men (or women). They can back up more complex tasks or even help manage other hired help.
  3. Other Help we use – Accountant, Lawyers, Agents, Web Developers, Photographers, Videographers, Editors, Models, & Salespersons.


Life Help

Just because you don’t own your own business doesn’t mean you can’t seek help in life to help relieve some time and stress off your plate. Here are some areas we seek help with in our lives:

  1. Nanny or Babysitter – While we don’t employ a full time nanny, we utilize one when we can both work at a task together for 3 hours rather than having one of us be separate for 6 hours. We also utilize a nanny or babysitter when our work requires both of us to be present and also to get some regular one-on-one, quality time together.
  2. House Cleaning & Gardening – I actually enjoy cleaning and caring for our home. But I don’t always have the time to keep up with the necessary rituals that take a lot of time. Some of the tasks we ask house cleaners to help with are scrubbing the windows, knocking down cobwebs, washing the patio, cleaning sliding door tracks, sweeping out the garage, taking the trash to the dump, etc.
  3. “Mini Mom” – Andy, our Senior Marketing Consultant, actually introduced me to the idea of a mini mom. She’s like a personal assistant, only she’s like a second pair of hands in the home. She’ll wash the dishes, start the kids’ bath, cook dinner, run errands, make the guest bed… everything that needs to get done in the house for the time that she’s there.


From assistant work to specialized skills, you can find help in the areas that don’t require your undivided attention so you can spend more quality time in the areas that do, as well as doing the valuable things with your time, like spending it with your family or on your passion. Don’t be afraid to give it a try and you can certainly start off small. You’ll love what it can do for you!


My Entrepreneur Tool Kit


Every experience is an opportunity to learn or acquire a new skill.

If you’re thinking about leaving your 9-5 job and becoming an entrepreneur, one of the most invaluable perspectives you can bring along with you is this idea.

I wanted to share a brief perspective on how the last 10 years of my life lead me to where I am today, and had I shut the door on any of these experiences I may not have made it this far…


My Timeline:

2006 – I left college to join my millionaire friend in a network marketing company. This is where I gained my first perspective on “hustling”. I worked really hard, often pushed myself out of my comfort zone to talk to new people, invite them to meetings, and eventually speak at meetings and events. I was surrounded by high, positive energy and was regularly flying to the next city to hear from speakers such as Les Brown, Zig Ziglar, and Robert Kiyosaki. Talk about massive learning and influence!

Things I took away from this experience:

  • Get out of your comfort zone & develop a no-limits mentality
  • Follow a working system, don’t reinvent the wheel
  • Find Mentors & treat their advice as gold
  • High, Positive Energy is the most productive skill set you can have
  • Being flexible allows you to bend with opportunities
  • Don’t take advice from someone who is unhappy or doesn’t live a lifestyle you respect or desire


2007 – I moved to a new city and got a secretary job working for a few of the top financial advisors in Orange County, CA. The first Senior Vice President I worked for paid me to read books on my off-time… Things like “The Millionaire Next Door” or “Think and Grow Rich”. Sometimes, if I asked enough questions, he’d talk my ear off about his perspectives, learnings, and values in life. These were my favorite days.

Things I took away:

  • I do not like working a 9-5 desk job
  • Network & Net-worth – KNOW this!
  • Work Smarter, not harder (leverage your income)
  • If you want what most don’t have, you have to do what most don’t do and become who most aren’t
  • Karma is real. You get what you give. If you want a good business, do good & be a good person.


2008 – I developed an interest in becoming a personal trainer because working at a gym seemed a lot more fun at a higher wage. I randomly met a gentleman who introduced me to the idea that I could make 6-figures as a trainer working part time. He wasn’t lying. It took me nearly a year of being in and out of debt and living out of my car for a few months, before I asked a mentor for advice. That’s when my business blew up. This is where a lot of my skills from the previous two years began to come into play.

Things I took away from this experience:

  • If you find a successful mentor who’s taken you under his wing, leap as far as you can, and don’t look back
  • Never lose hope for inspiration that feels right, even when everyone is telling you to find a “real job” and you’re living out of your car
  • Success isn’t about who you are, it’s about who you become when the going gets tough
  • You can always find information out there that will get you to the next step, just keep moving forward
  • A high, positive attitude will allow you to compete with upper league individuals who lack authenticity


2011 – Google contacts me about one of my personal video albums going viral and contracts me as a content creator. Putting together photo and video clips of my travels was a hobby I took up a few years prior, for my own personal interest. I had no idea these things could go “viral” and I had no clue money could be made. My husband and I make deal, that no matter what, we don’t do it for the money. It’s just for fun.

Things I took away:

  • Putting your authentic self out there is scary and hard!
  • You can’t win them all. There will be judgement and negativity alongside the love and positivity if you put yourself out there.
  • You have to put yourself first if you want to be fit enough to grow your business.
  • Being wealthy begins with love and happiness, that can be easy to forget when you get money motivated.


2014 – We venture into the idea of creating a vegan sauce to sell at farmers markets & grocery stores. I loved being at the markets, but only after one month I realized preparing in the kitchen was not something I enjoyed. In the short time we were in farmers markets we had the opportunity of meeting a few amazing people which eventually flourished into meaningful, opportunities and friendships.

Things I took away:

  • Nothing is ever a loss if you choose to see the gifts in them
  • Sometimes you have to venture into things you don’t enjoy to realize what you do enjoy
  • Continue to stay open & trust life. Never close the door.
  • There is no such thing as a wasted opportunity. Obligating yourself to something less valuable in your life occupies the space for something more enjoyable & time worthy. Don’t miss out because you’re too busy holding on.


2015 – A couple years back Brett decided to release a fitness book online, just for fun. In 2015, a couple different fitness companies discovered our book and contacted us with some work they thought we could help with. One company asked for fitness videos featuring how to use their products. Another company asked for a 6 week weight-loss routine with accompanying videos. My brain began churning as I pondered the possibility of turning this over into a potential business opportunity. No later than a week I made a cheesy video on what I was offering and what I’d bring to the table as a fitness video creator. Within a few months we were a flourishing service provider and beyond busy.

Things I took away:

  • Never be afraid to try
  • Rather than thinking about all the reasons something won’t or can’t work… start thinking about how & why it could work
  • When you follow your inspiration it always leads to opportunities and more inspiration
  • Life is abundant, there is really opportunity for anything out there!
  • What you own doesn’t matter if you don’t own it. Bottom line – don’t go into debt.


2016 – After a year and a half in business, we evolved with the demand of our market, going from making simple fitness videos on a micro-gig site to becoming a digital advertising agency with nearly a dozen employees. It’s been a journey and a challenge, but with every step, the breakthroughs become more and more evident. And there are new breakthroughs nearly every month.

Things I am taking away:

  • Everything that you experience in life will continue to contribute to your potential (your entrepreneur tool kit) if you take the time to learn and apply yourself
  • Seek the breakthroughs. It’s not about avoiding stress. It’s about using stress to evolve into something greater.
  • DO NOT slack in any area of your life. If there’s dishonesty in the way you live or behave, it will show up as a casualty in your endeavors. Alternatively, if your aspirations are limited or on hold, ask yourself: What areas of your life are you performing sub-par and how can you improve them? Everything will automatically improve.
  • Automate, Automate, Automate – Trust people to help. Utilize the creativity & strengths of others. It’s not about being the smartest or most proficient, it’s about surrounding yourself with a team of people who are equally as smart & proficient.
  • Replicate, Replicate, Replicate – If something works for you (or your mentor)… Do it!
  • 80/20 – focus 80% of your energy and efforts on the 20% that actually matters.
  • I’m still learning… Never lose the will to be humble & to learn….


I really hope you enjoyed this articled and are able to take from it. This is what business has taught me over the last 10 years! And I hope it helps many others find a focal point or some direction in what I’ve found as crucial points on my journey. This information is invaluable to me and my greatest wish is that it can provide some additional value to you and your life.


Get Abundant Now

In today’s video I discuss the first steps you can take to attract abundance in your life now. We always have access to abundance and sometimes it can be tough to see or feel that abundance. These simple steps can be done at any moment to increase your acceleration towards feeling better, more opportunity, and life’s infinite gifts!

Once you’ve practiced the steps mentioned in the video, you can continue to amplify those positive energy waves by diving into further abundance awareness. Here are a few more things you can do to establish a bountiful environment:

  1. Affirmations – The things we think and the stories we play in our minds over and over again will become how we experience the world. If you want to feel happy, the best thing you can do is affirm to yourself you deserve to be happy and you are a happy individual. Sometimes it’s not always true… But if you begin to bring consciousness to the moments or small things that bring you happiness, you will naturally feel happier. It will also become easier to shift your mind from seeing lack to seeing how often happiness enters your life.
  2. Take some YOU Time – It’s often easier to blow ourselves off and hold to the obligations we have with others. However, if you view you as having a relationship with yourself, taking time to do what you want and treating yourself to your favorite activities or your creative inspirations will be a way to give back to you. And believe it or not, this simple habit generates more abundance through inspiration and enjoyment.
  3. Create an Abundant Environment – Nothing will sap you dry more than being around people who complain, or doing something you’re not passionate about – potentially for the money, or watching TV shows like the news that may instill fear or negativity. You become what you spend your time with. So it’s crucial to hold your time and attention as a sacred space in which you careful place people, events, thoughts, and actions that add value or positivity into your life.

The beautiful thing about these practices given to you throughout the video and in this blog is that none of them require and financial or time commitment. They’re simple habits that can be implemented throughout the day or as needed. But the one thing I can say from my own experience, is that practicing them regularly, even if it doesn’t promote instantaneous feelings of abundance, will lead to a recalibration of perspective and improve your sense of wellbeing and enjoyment for life. There’s nothing more abundant than that!


Watch today’s video here:

Stay Grounded

When it comes to building business or pursuing your dreams we can lose sight of our purpose for starting the journey in the first place. I often see marketers flashing their big houses and expensive cars to appeal to the masses, and while those privileges certainly come as perks to success, it’s crucial to remember that they are not the core reasons one should pursue success in a venture of any kind.

These pursuits are fun and natural for us to look forward to and be encouraged by, however, if materialism is your sole reason for your endeavors your are more likely to fail.

Even though we enjoy frivolous luxuries, sometimes envy those more fortunate, they don’t satisfy the root motivations of our being. You may have the fastest car or the most expensive clothes, but if you have no one to share, compare, or enjoy these with, what’s the point?

If you take a deeper look at the root of our affections towards materialism, it’s typically because we believe the acquisition of these things come with a deeper value. Prestige. Acceptance. Privilege. Comfort. Respect.

But how do we truly gain these things?

In my experience, you get what you give. If you give respect, you will be respected. Accept others, and most others will tolerate or accept you. If you want abundance, give your love, time, forgiveness, kindness, etc. abundantly to others.

We already have what each of us seek.

When we realize this, we can be driven by something deeper, something truly great. And aspire to give and gain beyond what is just materialistic.

My whole point of this article, is not about some grand, esoteric virtue. It’s about practicality. If you’re like me, I like securing what I appreciate. Point blank, the last thing I’d want is to rely heavily on things that are meaningless or fade with time. Instead, I appreciate staying grounded in the things that make me truly happy and contribute to passion and go-giving. When the materialism comes, it’s such sweet icing on the cake. And when it goes, as it might, I’m not completely devastated or motivated to quit my endeavors because I haven’t lost my purpose or identity.

Just some food for thought 🙂


Fall Into Bliss


“Accept what is, let go of what was, and have faith in what will be.”
~Sonia Ricotti

I’ve had my fair share of struggles in life. Growing up, I wasn’t exactly raised in a “loving household”. And even amidst the turbulence and chaotic unknown I found space in my heart to want to feel happy.

It’s funny how much in this world we have to fear, yet most of us seem to have a reason to live. There must be something enough to help humanity go on.

I believed this reason was love.

Oh, to feel love, to be loved, to be able to love! Just like they portray in Disney films and romance novels. What bliss would it be to be surrounded by such love?

Often I found myself questioning and searching the location of this love, true love, as I would have called it. For a long while it seemed no where to be found. And when I finally discovered “love”, or a sense of it, it seemed unattainable.

I used to feel unworthy and incapable of love and happiness. Logically, I could spell out all the how-to’s of being happy. But it was rare that I truly felt it unconditionally in my life.

It wasn’t until I discovered the joy of being a parent. My first child had me swept away in nature-induced, intoxicating love. I would do anything for this child, to experience her made me happy, I loved her unconditionally

The euphoria was instantaneous from birth and moved through the typical newborn honey moon era, until one day it hit me… Fear. What if something happens to her? What if I lose her?

I began to live life on the err of caution, constantly trying to control or predict the future in order to avoid losing the one condition I appointed my love and happiness to. Every time I laid eyes on her, the feeling of gratitude and absolute bliss that began to well up was robbed from me by fear.

I began to wonder what insanity would drive anyone to raise a child in such a dangerous world. That question alone had me re-evaluating and re-accessing my thoughts.

Isn’t raising a child supposed to be wonderful, miraculous and joyful? Isn’t life a journey of love and acceptance of all rendering bliss? Why wasn’t this happening for me?

I realized that I wasn’t only sabotaging the joy of my child’s existence in my life, I was unconsciously sabotaging all opportunities of love and happiness with the fear of losing it or the doubt of it being true. No wonder it seemed unattainable. I was making it out to be.

Love and happiness cannot be found. They are present gifts that are accepted through a choice in perspective. What do I choose to see in my life?

The only condition in accepting these gifts are to let go of fear. You cannot keep both. No matter how much light and gratitude you see in your life fear will cripple the ability to feel and experience that absolute joy.

When I finally put these pieces together, there was nothing to do, but let go of the fear and simply fall into bliss.

Instant Calming Tools

Staying or finding calm isn’t always easy when you can’t get time or space to… But often necessary when we’re on the grind. Here are a few tools I use to get instant peace and back to productivity.

  • Tibetan Singing Bowl – One of my favorite tools to drown out the noise, especially the mind chatter. It’s reverberations & beautiful sound help to instantly align & de-stress.
  • Aromatherapy – I love, love, LOVE essential oils. Blends containing lavender are the best at calming. Inhaling these relaxing scents while breathing deeply not only helps calm instantly, it helps relax your muscles, lift your spirits, and even get to sleep.
  • Homeopathic Remedies – It’s all too common we pick up a drink or cup of coffee when we need to clear our heads. However, there are some natural alternatives without any side effects that can help bring us the right balance we need to get centered.
  • Brain Dump – Use a journal or your smartphone notebook to take a few minutes and dump everything from your brain onto paper. Create lists of all the things you’re thinking about or have to do… clearing your head in a way that allows you to come back to your thoughts is often quite relieving.
  • Self Massage – Everybody loves a good massage! You can give yourself a few de-stressing presses and instantly begin to calm.

Gratitude Letter

Dear Internet Family,

We are so thankful for you guys. It’s been 5 years of a growing journey online and you have always been there, supporting our growth and enduring the changes. We love that you allow us the space to take our time as you patiently wait and embrace us when we show up again. That is unconditional and we feel so blessed to have that kind of love & support.

Your participation and connection with us and the community encourages more love and positivity, not just within the community, but in our lives as well as the world around us. It gives us warm fuzzies to think about new folks who come to our page and feel / experience all the love & open authenticity there.

You’ve contributed to a truly magical thing that instills our deep appreciation for our connection over the net. Thank you so much for being you! And for supporting us in every endeavor.

We love you!

-The Grateful Gordons


How to Create Your Dream Job

In today’s MARIN8D we talk about a few simple principles we apply to create opportunities for ourselves. If you haven’t yet, watch the video to the left, and when you’re finished feel free to dive into the exercises below!


  1. When you think about living your dream reality or having a ideal job situation what holds you back? List all the things you fear, worry about, obstacles in your way, etc. These are your belief systems that keep you tied to your current situation. How can you implement or change some of these to “maybe” like we talked about in the video?
  2.  Write a daily list of Gratitude. Daily. Everyday write at least 10 things you are grateful for. 10 things that happened that day.


  1. Write a story (short or long) about what one day in your dream job would look like? How does it feel?
  2. If you were to pretend to “work” at your dream job, what would you do? Where would you go, who would you talk to, etc. Write this down in detail.


  1. Take 1 day per week to “work” you dream job. Start by pretending. For instance, if you want to become a photographer go out and shoot/edit photos for a day or if you want to be a musician, write a song. Make it realistic to a “job”. Set a goal and meet it by the end of the day.
  2. Take it a step further and begin “working” your dream job for real. Introduce yourself as such job title ex. “Hi my name is Marin & I’m a photographer”. Begin to make contacts who associate you with your dream job. Find “clients” for fun ex. “I’m currently looking to expand my portfolio & exercise some new techniques, so I’d love to trade you for a photoshoot in exchange for allowing me to use the photos in my portfolio and on my website.”blog_1
  3. Educate yourself like you’re serious. Don’t think your abilities are good enough? Why? And ask yourself How to make them better. Google simple things like “How to take great portraits” or “How to start a Photography Business”. The more you learn the more skill-set you gain that will only amplify your success. If you’re serious about your dream job, be serious about doing what it takes to become the person it takes to have that job!


So that is it for this week’s exercises! Don’t forget to subscribe to our blog to stay updated with more practical principles, skill, and tricks we use to create abundance in our lives! Also, feel free to ask questions in the comments below.


Love & Aloha!


My Secret to Happiness


Recently a beautiful lady wrote to me asking for detailed tips and advice I had on achieving life desires and being happy. I wanted to share my response with you 🙂


Hi Anonymous,

Thank you for reaching out to me 🙂 The hardest thing to teach people is mindset. But mindset is EVERYTHING. Because without the right mindset you can change anything your heart desires and the problems will continue to exist, and in some cases, as you’ve experienced, amplify.

Money serves as a good mirror of the root of problems. Many things can serve as good mirrors; our children, our health, our relationship with our spouse etc.
When this presents itself, I take it as an opportunity to reflect and ask myself why this is happening. Not from a victim mentality of “Why is this happening to me?!?” But from a place of knowing that I have the power to change it. So I treat it like a job – “What do I have to do to fix this problem?”

Most problems are rooted from “stories” in the subconscious mind. Those stories are as simple as “I’m not good enough” “I don’t deserve happiness” or “No one loves me“… These stories run deep and often our perspectives will go out of the way to prove it. This is no one’s fault, it’s just normal psychology running it’s course.

So here is my step-by-step approach to solving problems:
1. I identify the story and I get really clear on whether or not I want to believe that story. (We do have a choice & everything is perspective). Stories, or our feelings, can give us understanding or empathy, “It makes sense I’m sad, my dog just passed away. That IS understandable.” However, this doesn’t mean that is WHO you are. And it certainly doesn’t mean it’s an expectation you have to fulfill.

Acceptance comes with choosing to let go of resisting what is or what was.

And here’s the irony: When I want something to change, I often cling to the idea soooo bad that I resist everything around me. What’s going on, how this person behaves, how I’m feeling, what I have or don’t have, etc. Suddenly my blessings are hardly noticeable and everything that is wrong is experienced under a magnifying glass, generating more negative, resistant energy… hence perpetually feeding the problem.

2. The next step is to itemize; Separate what I want, versus what I’m experiencing. I will even go as far as “venting” in my journal my disillusioned story of hurt and negativity. Then when I’ve had my say, start a new page writing clearly what I want out of life and how it would make me feel.

3. Now what I do, is VALIDATE my feelings about the problem. It’s ok to want something different, to achieve for something higher or a better feeling (notice how I’m not saying “to be stuck in a crappy place” or any other idea that disempowers me or feeds into the negative story).

4. Once I identify how I want to feel… happy, free, abundant… I take note of moments or things in my life NOW that make me happy, free, and abundant. And I DWELL on it. I MARINATE it… I soak up in the idea of it so much, I start feeling an overwhelm of gratitude.

5. The problem begins to look small and a clear path to what I want begins to develop. Not something I see with my eyes or analyze with my brain… it is something I FEEL. And I continue to follow this flow.

This is my definition of living from the heart. And the repeated process I take to not only see my abundance and feel my happiness, but to generate more.

Ultimately, you travel your own path and no one and nothing will save you if you’re not willing to save yourself. It’s a journey of building self-belief within and continually striving to change the outcome, by changing your thoughts and feelings.

Love and Aloha to you <3 <3